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USA Car Spotters Guide - 1934

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1934 USA Car Spotters Guide

1934 Chrysler Six CA

1934 Chrysler Six CA

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The 1934 Chrysler Six was produced on two different wheelbases 117 inches and 121 inches. Both used the 241.6 cubic inch, six cylinder engine rated at 93 horse power. The Chrysler Six also offered one of the earliest and best (for its time) independent front coil spring suspensions, and it had a vent window that could be rolled down with the side glass.
1934 Chrysler Airflow CU

1934 Chrysler Airflow CU

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Visitors to the 1934 New York Auto Show went home talking about a car that was completely unlike anything else, the Chrysler Airflow. It had a streamlined shape, could seat three in the front, and with the rear seat moved ahead of the rear axle and the engine over the front axle gave a new floating ride sensation. The Airflow body was a unique structure of body panels welded to a network of steel beams.
1934 Duesenberg De Villars Speedster
1934 Duesenberg De Villars Speedster.
1934 Lincoln Sedan
1934 Lincoln Sedan.
1934 Pierce Arrow Interior
1934 Pierce Arrow Interior.
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