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USA Car Spotters Guide - 1912

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1912 USA Car Spotters Guide

Between about 1900 and 1912 fittings were becoming standardised and a horn with a large rubber bulb, headlights, wings, a starting handle and a spare wheel were normal features. The Ford Model T, with its hood up, was an extremely tall car by present-day standards. The rear seat was a few inches higher than the front seat and with soft rear springs an un-laden car had a pronounced 'tail up' attitude which was typical of its contemporaries. It was at about this time that bumpers were first fitted to cars. Earlier Model Ts had none, although they appear to have been fitted in later production years. Bumpers generally did not become popular until almost 1930. Even at that late date, it is notable that no one ever got around to fitting one to any of the grand old Bentleys.

Strangely enough, about the same time as Ford's Model T, Fiat produced a 16/24hp tonneau with similar lines. In many ways, the Fiat was a less advanced car (it had solid rubber tyres) but it bore a remarkable similarity in shape to the Cadiliac and the Ford. It is worth considering that at this time communication across the Atlantic were not all that quick.
1912 Kline
1912 Kline
1912 Wagenhals 3 Wheeler
1912 Wagenhals 3 Wheeler
1912 Warren 12/40
1912 Warren 12/40
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