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We will be posting pictures taken from the various car shows we are able to attend each year, but naturally we cannot get to them all. If you have images from a show and would like them published on this site, please contact us. And of course you can make sure you never miss an event, our Classic Car Event Calendar now featuring the ability to not only notify your friends of an upcoming event, but also sending you a friendly reminder right to your own inbox.
Mustang Muster 2006

Mustang Muster 2006

The Mustang remains one of the most popular classic cars around, and if the Mustang Muster is anything to go by, their owners sure know how to maintain their trusty steeds in fine condition. Blessed with perfect weather, the 2006 event held at the Dandenong Showgrounds was a resounding success, the plethora of cars on display covering all models and body styles since the Mustang's introduction. The wonderful display of Generation 1 vehicles was incredible, and there was representation from nearly every other model since the Mustang's inception.
Melbourne French Car Festival

Melbourne French Car Festival 2006

Almost 200 fabulous French cars were on show at the 2006 French Car Festival, held at Melbourne's Como Park North in April. Apart from some beautiful Citroens, Peugeots and Renaults there were some rare examples of the French car industry's art, including two Bugattis, a Delage, a Panhard et Levassor and a De Dion Bouton. Renault Alpine enthusiasts put on a fine display of almost a dozen cars.
American Motoring Show

All American Day - The American Motoring Show of 2006

Another wonderful car display, this time featuring marques for the USofA. Well over 800 cars were in attendance, the vast majority being in pristine condition and all a credit to their owners. Highlights of the show included the H2 Hummers, Auburn Speedster and Edsel, although we were mesmerized by the XR Futura Sports Coupe, stunningly presented and with a fabulous interior - unfortunately it was not for sale...
All Holden Day 2006

All Holden Day - Geelong Showgrounds 2006

Another hot day, this time spent at the Geelong Showgrounds visiting the All Holden Day, organised by the Geelong FX-HZ Holden Car Club. On display was a wonderful assortment of classic and modified Holdens, from the 48/215 through to current day Holdens including the lovely re-badged Opel import "Tigra". Too many highlights to single out one, it is much easier to let the photo shoot do the talking. One thing is for sure, if you are a Holden fan and there is an All Holden Day taking place in your State or Territory, they really are worth the effort to attend. We should also thank the organisers for ensuring the cost of entry was kept to a minimum, at only $2 per adult this was sensational value!
RACV 2006 Great Australian Rally

RACV Great Australian Rally 2006

A fantastic day was had attending the Victorian RACV "Great Australian Rally" held on Sunday the 22nd January at the Mornington Race Track. Oppressive conditions (with the mercury climbing past 40C) were not enough to deter many devoted Classic Car fans, impressive considering very few were blessed with air-conditioning. Naturally enough the shady spots around the grounds were snapped up rather quickly. We would like to thank the many car owners that we spoke to on the day, and hope to provide more detailed information on some of the truly "Unique" cars we spotted that day.
EH Holden Car Club

EH Holden By The Lake - Show-N-Shine 2004

Sometimes a car club proves that it is not quantity, but quality, that makes attendance at one of their events very worthwhile. On display at the November 2004 Show-N-Shine event held at Albert Park Lake was a wonderful array of both modified and extremely original examples of arguably the most popular and collectable of the early Holden's, the EH. If you take the time to check out the EH Holden Car Club of Victoria's web site, you will note their emphasis is on being a "social" club, and social it was, with BBQ's in full swing and everyone in attendance getting into the atmosphere of an era perhaps past, but never forgotten. And while we loved the EH's on display, the solitary EJ in fantastic original condition took our fancy.
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