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Mercedes-Benz 220S Fintail

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Mercedes-Benz 220S Fintail

Mercedes-Benz 220S Fintail

1958 - 1968
6 cyl. overhead cam
2195 cc
4 spd. man / 4 spd. auto
Top Speed:
105 mph / 168 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
Mercedes 220S Fintail
Mercedes-Benz 220S Fintail
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 2


The Mercedes 220 and 220S were part of the middle range or Mercedes saloons built from 1958 to 1968.

The 220S is considered by collectors to be amoung the best of the group, a cut above the lower models and one of the first cars to feature crumple zones and, from April 1962, a dual hydraulic braking system (these two systems were seen as the beginning of safety engineering in current motor vehicles).

Born into an era when Mercedes were still in love with the idea of the swing axle, the "Fintails" at least had the low pivot type - favoured by most drivers and deemed to provide better road holding ability.

Today there are still many "Finnies" on the road, such was the high build quality of these cars, and because the fins that were to date the design of the car so quickly are now seen as an excercise in design and beauty the 220 and 220S are appreciating in value.

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Posted 1502 days ago
THe 220s Fintail was the last of the Mercedes Benz models to inspire a sense of quiet dignity and style in its design. A car design that inspires driving confidence, robust yet elegant. Distinctive in its body from front and back it stands out from the crowd. When the fintails were dropped in later models the rear of the car became anonymous and later still as the front grills slowly disappeared and the hood emblem no longer stands proud on the hood (replaced by a common badge) the mercedes lost its class. Without a doubt the Finnie is a proud example of yesteryear class- a cut above the rest. My 1962 Finnie gave a better ride than my 1986 Ford station wagon in terms of comfort and driver experience - not bad for an old girl!
nazih souaid
Posted 2075 days ago
i have one mercedes sedan 1962
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