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Holden Commodore VP

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VP

1991 - 1993
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre EFI V6; 5.0 V8 EFI
127kW (V6) & 165kW (V8)
5 spd. man / 4 speed Turbohydramatic 700
Top Speed:
Number Built:
0 star
Holden Commodore VP
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The VP was always going to be a face-lifted VN, however there were considerable and detailed improvements made over the latter model. Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) was introduced, fitted as standard equipment on the Calais and Commodore SS and optional across the range, the system being adapted from the long wheelbase VQ.

On the exterior the Holden engineers kept changes to a minimum, the futuristic looking clear acrylic cover running across the length and at the top of the grille of the Executive model always being contentious (others models used a colour coded version).

The front blinker lenses were squared off, and the tail lights enhanced. The bumpers also came in for a makeover, now both wider and stronger than the VN.

A security system was also standard on all models, featuring an automatic ignition disable, ECM disable and door key activated deadlocks (operating three minutes after the ignition was turned off).

Power windows became standard fitment, although the Executive and Berlina would still have winders for the rear windows.

The Calais was fitted with road speed sensitive power steering, adjusting automatically via an electronic management system to vary the level of power assistance according to the road speed.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) was introduced in August 1992, and was an option on cars fitted with a V8 and IRS, then on the Series II it was available as an option on all models.

The VP SS Commodore featured limited slip differential and 15x7 alloys, along with a sports tuned suspension and gas-pressurized rear shockers. The SS inherited the Calais seats, although a blue trim material was used to provide a sportier look. The series II arrived in January 1993, among the improvements was a colour-coded front panel now fitted to the Executive, upgraded specs on all models and alloy wheels for the Commodore S.

The Statesman and Caprice were not given a new model designation for the VP range, rather they simply became the VQ Series II. Bother iterations were introduced a month after the VP Commodore sedans, and featured high tech anti lock brakes – a first for Holden.

While the V8 remained standard on the Caprice, you could now choose either V6 or V8 for the Statesman, the smaller capacity engine helping put the long-wheelbase Holden within reach of many devotees. For the more sporting minded, both the Statesman and Caprice could be optioned with a HSV improved 180kW V8. A VP Commodore driven by Larry Perkins and Gregg Hansford would win Bathurst in 1993.

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(sonice) vp
Posted 1246 days ago
ohh and the problims are hi revs back fires and over heats just sitsing were it is with out moveing it go's up all most over hafe way on the heat gage
(sonice) vp
Posted 1246 days ago
heyy i wos wondring i just got a vp myslife ts not going well i wos wondring with $1000 wood it fix it up and make it sound nice again?
lochie usihakimo
Posted 1354 days ago
Probably one of the most fun cars that i have owned. Really simple to fix and modify for performance. I drive a modified v8 manual that can actually turn as hard as it goes and have shown up many a porsche going over mt tamborine
Ian Voorwinde
Posted 1510 days ago
VP my second car ever and still my fav for appearance and sheer driving pleasure. Just a quick amendment to write up... The VP couldn't have had power windows standard as I bought mine new in 1992, it was an executive and no power windows. Othe than that nice wright up!
Posted 1639 days ago
One reason Jake... Handling.
My V6 has stock internals, yet with just a chip and extractors, it's easily a match for my mate's 5 litre V8 on a straight piece of tarmac. But we did a run up Mt Cootha's winding roads not long back, and I simply left him for dead. The V8 vp has +80kgs on the V6.. that's like a fully grown man strapped on the bonnet over the front wheels. Oh, and speaking of noise.. the exhaust sounds plenty nice too! ;)
PS: I've recently sourced a 70mm throttle body which will be feeding the engine by summer. I'm hoping it'll push it past 150kw on the dyno, now that the motor's nicely run-in.
Posted 1724 days ago
Why didn't you just get a 5L and get that Performace right off the bat, and the most important thing, the noise.
Posted 1795 days ago
I've been a fan of the VP shape since Larry Perkin's Bathurst exploits back in the early 90s. Got myself a high mileage V6 ex-family runabout about 2 years back. I saw it as the perfect platform for my Commodore project to build my teenage dream car. Went with the V6 for better weight distribution, and general handling. After the VPs, the commodores really packed on the weight, what with the ABS, and airbags systems, and all that other 'safety' stuff. Best way to keep safe is to learn HOW TO DRIVE!
Anywho, here's a condensed list of what I've done to mine (in chronological order)... 1)King springs with Bilstein shocks x4(rear lowered 2in) & Polyurethane bushes all round, 2)15inch CSA 5-spokes (black) w/Nankang 225/60/15 tyres, 3)Driver's side seat replaced - Recaro 'Pole Position'(Black). 4)Steering Wheel/Boss Kit - SAAS 3-spoke sport. 5)Rebuilt 3.8 V6 motor w/Stage3 chip, K&N filter, Hurricane Extractors, High-flow cat, & 3.5in sports system (Dyno'd 139kw@ flywheel). 6)Re-conditioned Auto w/Hurst ratchet shifter. 7)Replaced drive axle w/Borg Warner LSD unit(2nd hand from wreckers). 8)Engine Bay Strut Brace(also from wreckers).
Cost of 2nd Hand VP: $1100
Total Money Spent: Approx. $15k
0-100kph - 7.1 secs
400m - 14:97secs
Pure Driving Bliss: Priceless!
Posted 1828 days ago
Just bought a vp series 2 v6 has extractors and exhaust system... Goes extremely well crushes my vn which has twin throttle bodies... I creamed my pants when i first drove it...
Posted 1899 days ago
hi.. i have a vp commodore its not mine yet cos im not old enough to drive but my sister said i can have it.. i love that car.. i even named it Christina. but the thing is it seems to have a phew problems! do you think it will still be a reliable car in 4 years???
Cage obrian
Posted 2019 days ago
i have a vp ss and have recently broken the rear cross member..as is a comon problem with the irs. but nun the less still a wicked car.
Dave McNeight
Posted 2051 days ago
hey, i just bought a vp calais series 2 and i was just wondering before i replace the gearbox, is it true that the series 2 vp has a different motor in it?
luke smith
Posted 2083 days ago
dear Arron,
yea the buick knows about that little thing called torque.... i dont kno wat you drive but wen you can pass a v8 in a v6 like it was stood still and you dont have a clue how fast you wer goin cause the spedo only goes up to 220, lol i think your just not pushing on the accelerator hard enough
Posted 2283 days ago
Does the buick V6 know theres something know as torqe? ? ? ? Oh and know how NOT to blow a piston ring
Posted 2292 days ago
good car just bought one, good powerful car, i bought the commodore vp vactioner holdens all the way
Posted 2383 days ago
My first car was a VP and i ended up selling it to buy a newer car.Now im giving that car to my wife and ive just gone out and brought myself a VP Calais.There very reliable, quick and just never say die.
Posted 2405 days ago
i liked my first incomplete VP so much, I bought a second one for parts, but decided to license it too, very happy with the Buick V6 Series 1 engine, with a few crank mods for oiling, very very strong engine, ps has roller rockers too, very smooth throttle lift.
Posted 2627 days ago
i own a vp commerdore and its my first car, its very reliable starts first time every time and doesnt need alot of matnice which is good for me as i dont have alot ogf time on my hands for fixing it. very good model of car and buts out a good burst of speed.
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